Grant of licences

The grant of licences depends on the commitment to ensure

  • the regularity and reliability of the services. If the service is discontinued or stopped, the postal service provider must inform the Institute at once and the users as soon as possible. Reliability means that the postal service provider should provide the necessary means, and among others a minimal infrastructure, enough staff and an effective operational process, in order to satisfy with the licence obligations.

BIPT examines the application. If the application is incomplete, BIPT notifies the applicant. The applicant has 60 days to fill in his file from the notification of the information request from BIPT. When the request is complete and the granting conditions are met, BIPT sends, within 30 civil days a draft individual licence and a bill to settle the study cost fee. After this 30 day-period, if the company has no observation, the licence is granted within 15 days (the licence is valid for 10 years, then tacitly renewed for successive periods of 5 years). If the company has comments to make, BIPT has a 30 day-period to grant the licence or not. If the company does not answer within the deadlines, the application is rejected.

Registering a licence application costs EUR 375 (indexed) by service category. This amount will be charged after receipt of the application and will have to be paid into the bank account IBAN: BE58 6791 6929 2379 - BIC: PCHQBEBB of the Institute, before the licence is issued.

Further information can be obtained by contacting us either by email (, or by phone (02 226 87 29).